Jingle Bells

The Holiday Season is in full swing!  (Have you finished gift shopping/making yet?)  This is the final Christmas-related track that Ryan DeRamos recorded last year for LibriVox. While the LibriVox version is in mono, this mix is in stereo:

The One Horse Open Sleigh (Jingle Bells) (4:41)

Ryan says: “I tried to give my version of ‘Jingle Bells’ some swagger.  You know, like Elvis meets Mick Jagger meets drunk person.  In the end, though, it could have used even more swagger.  I do love the loose-feeling rhythm, though.”

A Minor Pentatonic (“E Phrygian” Position, Guitar)

E |---------------------|---------------------|-0--3--5-------------|
B |---------------------|----------1--3-------|---------------------|
G |---------------------|----0--2-------------|---------------------|
D |-------------0-------|-2-------------------|---------------------|
A |-------0--3----------|---------------------|---------------------|
E |-0--3----------------|---------------------|---------------------|

Try different combinations of the above notes. Improvise! Try it with this Jam Session:

301p (Download!)

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